The Project

The big strategic vision and plans of Minoan and the unique scale and quality of the location are the unchanging backdrop to the Project and its strength.

It is a vision designed to be at one with the natural world, as well as drawing inspiration from it. 

It draws heavily on the natural, historical and cultural richness Cavo Sidero provides, from near tropical beaches and palms to rugged crags and cliffs with lovely coves, all with the tangible aura and footprint that only comes with thousands of years of history engrained in the land from the mythical activities of gods and the real tread of ancient peoples. 

It unites subtle and respectful development, investment in the extraordinary natural environment and the creation of value. 

Outline planning consent for a high quality villa and hotel tourism project by means of unappealable Presidential Decree (March 2016/June 2017)

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The approval of the project:

Minoan's and the Foundation's vision - a unique asset