The Project

Project Area

The development of the hotels, residences and infrastructure can be placed anywhere within Zone A1

A2 is for infrastructure and ancillary facilities. 

The development is planned to include a total of some 950 keys, split between hotel and residential space.

The whole of Zone A can also be used for sporting and other leisure facilities as well as small private vineyards and olive groves. 

Zone B is intended as an area for the Protection of  Natural and Cultural Capital as well as for nature recreation. 

The project provides great flexibility – for phasing to manage supply according to demand – across several discrete sites and in several separate bays/coastal and inland locations – appealing to varying commercial interests – offering different scales and nature of operation – providing flexibility for villas serviced by the hotels.

It enjoys the essential quality for any parties looking to become partners in individual phases of a secure structure to control the quality of the surrounding environment. 

Both these considerations provide reassurance of value and security of value to partners.