The Project

Potential Locations

Cavo Sidero Masterplan

Each of the locations within the Cavo Sidero peninsula has its own character within a quintessentially Greek and Mediterranean landscape where thyme, marjoram and carob add to the dozens of other native flora. The different physical characters of each location naturally lead to variations in style and composition in each place to create a markedly different experience in each.

Potential Locations

Area 1

Golf Course Area

The contours and positioning of the central area of the site lend themselves naturally to a spectacular and traditional links golf course. The intention is to create a world class golf destination which acknowledges and works with the natural form and flora of the landscape, sustainably.

The golf site has outstanding views over the length of the Cavo Sidero peninsula, out to sea and embracing the ancient towns of Itanos and Palaikastro.

Area 2

White Sands

White Sands is set above and within rugged, impressive, red-hued cliffs in a location providing vast views, with ever changing moods and skyscapes, out to sea in the East and down the coast towards Palaikastro to the South. It has its own secluded sandy beach, leading to a turquoise bay, with everchanging highlights of colour in the waters of the bay, from silver, through turquoise, deep blue, to gold.

This is an extraordinary site, which will be the location of a top quality spa hotel with associated villa accommodation, of the highest standard.

Area 3

Grandes Bay

Situated mid-way between White Sands and one of the most spectacular beaches in Crete, Vai beach and palm forest, Grandes Bay is a natural bowl with focused views down to the beach from all parts of the site, as well as expansive views out to sea, the very seas that Jason and the Argonauts reputedly plied. Clear waters sparkle in the bright light and lap the beach. This is an intimate site, well linked naturally to the whole area. 

Area 4

Porto Sidero

Porto Sidero  is located towards the northern end of the Cavo Sidero peninsula where it straddles two natural bays of exceptional beauty. It has direct, easy sea access to the north, dramatic coastal cliff views and panoramic views over the sea.

Area 5

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is intimate. It has a large, accessible beach leading to a well protected, deep blue bay. From the sea the sides of the cove rise up like a protective envelope, producing an intimate feeling even from within the bay itself. 

This is an ideal area in which to locate a village style hotel with accommodation in villas and small combinations of units, all set into the natural land form.