The Project


Design is inspired by the project values embedded in Minoan’s vision.

Nature, history, custom, natural forms and topography, landscape have provided ready guidance and are wholly integrated.

Design honours, works with and within the joys of all the Cavo Sidero Peninsula offers. 

Our architects and designers have been inspired by the Minoan vision and by the past, whilst bringing to it the best of modern sustainable technology.

Inspiration has been taken from the ancient palaces, the Holy Monastery of Toplou and indigenous Cretan architecture, which, like the Palaikastro Kouros, is strikingly in tune with modern thinking with its very early skills in applying bioclimatic design. Traditional materials are to be used, filtered through contemporary expression, firmly rooted in the familiar image of the Cretan village.

Discrete Hotels and serviced residences are tucked away in, or overlooking, coves within the natural folds of the land.

We have locations for hotels to offer 5 and 6 star service in a context and overall destination that embraces the highest environmental credentials and is a prime example of sustainability.

The spaciousness of the Cavo Sidero peninsula, combined with the design approach followed for the villages in their settings are, of course, perfect for a COVID-19 world and this will also reinforce differentiation and values.

The rooms, individual suites, and villas with a total of some 950 ‘keys’ will cater for the sophisticated needs of today’s travellers. The essence of this project lies in the uniqueness of the Site and the Project design, with its emphasis on sustainability. 

There is here a vision of sustainable comfort and calmness for the spirit, at an international level of quality, rooted in deep history and culture – a haven at one with the natural world.