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Minoan Group Plc

Our operations in Greece are currently devoted to the achievement and operation of our vision and plans for a tourism project, unique in Greece, that has caught the imagination and gained the support of the Greek Government itself.

The Project will be undertaken with financial and other partners of substance and quality. This includes Hotel Operators with international credentials to be selected for their ability to bring their own added dimension and enhancement to the Group’s vision: 

a very high quality, environmentally impeccable, tourist destination where long term sustainability is embedded in the design and running of the Project and where sensitive management of the vast surrounding lands, that provide such an extraordinary environment and exclusivity, is seen as an enormous asset, important in itself and significant for the Project and its enduring value.

The site is the Cavo Sidero peninsula, a spectacular location, with all the qualities of Crete, a short and beautiful journey by boat or car from Sitia International Airport, yet set apart within moments,  with its own special character in North East Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi. 

The site, in the locality of ancient Itanos and with the Toplou Monastery, with its rich and proud history, comprises 25,000 stremmata (over 6,000 acres). It has 28 kilometres of coastline, numerous secluded bays and inlets, as well as an interior with rolling hills and dramatic valleys where herbs such as thyme and marjoram are part of the rich natural vegetation.

It extends dramatically into the Mediterranean with sweeping bays and hidden coves.

With a built footprint of less than 0.5% of the site, the Project aims to preserve the landscape and leave more than 90% in its natural state.

To have the management of this environment as an integral part of the Project is a unique asset, enhancing and protecting the hotels and villages and their values for the future within the largest private estate in the Eastern Mediterranean.